Solutions for bad coughs

Time to make those winter preparations.

So it’s that time of year again, the nights draw in, the temperatures drop and the radiators go on.

Most of us remember to dig out our winter clothes and coats, have our woolly hats and gloves on standby and may even drag a snow shovel from the loft, but how many of us think to prepare for the annual onslaught against our sinuses.

From allergies to viruses and colds we have all suffered either the constant runny nose or that stuffy blocked up feeling (sometimes at the same time), but it’s just part of the winter season right? Wrong!

Research into relieving these types of symptoms has moved fast in the last couple of years and there are now many products on the market that can offer great relief. Sudafed Products provide a comprehensive list of solutions to combat a wide range of colds, congestion and allergies, as well as giving guidance on picking the right product for a particular symptom.  So alongside your other winter preparations you can look to stock up your medicine cabinet to minimise the effects cold, flu and allergies have on you and your family’s everyday lives.

Sudafed also have a great online source of cold and flu information , providing simple ways to help avoid getting ill in the first place as well as things you can do to help yourself when you are struck down.

So as the temperatures start to drop and our thoughts turn to keeping ourselves warm, now is the time to stock up and arm yourself with the products, information and knowledge to help you and your family through the winter months.